Analysis of bioactive compounds in seven citrus cultivars

Bermejo A, Llosá MJ, Cano A
Food Science and Technology International, 2011


Chemical content in peels of fruits belonging to cultivars of Clementine mandarin (Fino, Loretina and Marisol), Satsume mandarin (Owari), Navel orange (Navelate and Navelina) and Common orange (Valencia Late) groups have been analyzed. The influence of the variety on the content of bioactive constituents at the varietal level is discussed. Rind contents showed similar tendencies for the majority of compounds although Satsume group presented the highest amounts on the flavanone glycosides hesperidin and narirutin, as well as the highest amounts of the carotenoid and β-cryptoxanthin, comparing with the remaining varieties studied. Both mandarin and orange varieties studied showed similar tendencies concerning to other phenolic compounds and total ascorbic acid concentrations. Limonene was the most abundant peel essential oil in all cultivars studied, followed by myrcene. Calcium and potassium were the dominant macronutrients for each cultivar studied, although the proportion of the individual nutrients ranged among different cultivars.


Bermejo A, Llosá MJ, Cano A. Analysis of bioactive compounds in seven citrus cultivars. Food Sci Technol Int. 2011;17(1):55-62.

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