Cardio & Circulatory System

This system is comprised of the heart and vessels of the body as related to delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Common conditions related to this system include arteriosclerosis, arthrosclerosis, coronary artery (heart) disease, heart failure, hypertension, shock, strokes and arrhythmias.

Evaluation of the effect of topical application of lavender oil on autonomic nerve activity in dogs

Komiya M, Sugiyama A, Tanabe K, Uchino T, Takeuchi T American Journal Veterinary Research, 2009 ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effect of topical application of undiluted lavender oil on sympathovagal activity in dogs. ANIMALS: 5 healthy adult male Beagles. PROCEDURES: An ambulatory ECG monitor (Holter recorder) was placed on each dog (day0), and 48-hour ECGs… Read more »