Effect of extracts of Zingiberaceae herbs on gastric secretion in rabbits.

Sakai K, Miyazaki Y, Yamane T, Saitoh Y, Ikawa C, Nishihata T
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 1989


Some of the Zingiberaceae herbs are known to be useful as stomachics. Water extracts and methanol extracts of eight such herbs were examined in intact unanesthetized rabbits for their effect on gastric secretion. Oral administration of either water extracts or methanol extractscaused a significant decrease in gastric secretion. A significant effect of these extracts appeared at 3 h after administration. The effect of waterextracts on gastric secretion was very similar to that of cimetidine, with a significant decrease in acid output. The effect of the methanol extractswas primarily observed as decreased pepsin output.


Sakai K, Miyazaki Y, Yamane T, et al. Effects of Extracts of Zingiberaceae Herbs on Gastric Secretion in Rabbits. Chem Pharm Bull. 1989;37(1):215-217.

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