Inhalation of Shin-I essential oil enhances lactate clearance in treadmill exercise

Chen HY, Wang MF, Lin JY, Tsai YC, Cheng FC
Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, 2014


To evaluate the effect of Shin-I essential oil inhalation on blood lactate changes in rats subjected to treadmill exercise.

Adult male Sprague Dawley rats (n=12) were randomly divided into the control or the Shin-I group. Rats were subjected to a treadmill exercise program (15 m/min for 30 min). After exercise, rats were exposed to 200 µL of water or Shin-I essential oil, respectively, using a nebulizer for 180 min during the recovery period. Blood samples were collected every 15 min. Blood glucose and lactate concentrations were determined in a CMA 600 analyzer.

The basal glucose and lactate levels were no significantly different between two groups. After exercise, glucose levels were slightly increased to about 110%-120% of the basal level in both groups. Lactate levels of both groups reached to 110%-140% of basal levels during exercise. In the recovery period, lactate levels further increased to 180% of the basal level and were maintained at a plateau in the control group. However, lactate levels gradually decreased to 60%-65% of the basal level in the Shin-I group. Lactate clearance was significantly enhanced after Shin-I essential oil inhalation.

Our results provide evidence that Shin-I essential oil inhalation may accelerate recovery after exercise in rats.


Chen HY, Wang MF, Lin JY, et al. Inhalation of Shin-I essential oil enhances lactate clearance in treadmill exercise. Asian Pac J Trop Biomed. 2014;4(2):158-163.

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