Genetic diversity and metabolic profile of Salvia officinalis populations: implications for advanced breeding strategies

Sarrou E, Ganopoulos I, Xanthopoulou A, Masuero D, Martens S, Madesis P, Mavromatis A, Chatzopoulou P Planta, 2017 ABSTRACT: MAIN CONCLUSION: As a result of this work, we were able to characterize seven indigenous to Greece Salvia officinalis populations using genetic and metabolomic tools. These tools can be used to select the most promising genotypes,… Read more »

Evolution of secondary metabolites from an ecological and molecular phylogenetic perspective

Wink M Phytochemistry, 2003 ABSTRACT: Secondary metabolites, at least the major ones present in a plant, apparently function as defence (against herbivores, microbes, viruses or competing plants) and signal compounds (to attract pollinating or seed dispersing animals). They are thus important for the plant’s survival and reproductive fitness. Secondary metabolites therefore represent adaptive characters that… Read more »