Terpenes, Phenylpropanoids, Sulfur and Other Essential Oil Constituents as Inhibitors of Cholinesterases

Politeo O, Burcul F, Blazevic I, Radan M Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2018 ABSTRACT: Essential oils constituents are a diverse family of low molecular weight organic compounds with comprehensive biological activity. According to their chemical structure these active compounds can be divided into four major groups: terpenes, terpenoids, phenylpropenes, and “others”. In addition, they may contain… Read more »

Regulation of essential oil production in plants

Sangwan NS, Farooqi AHA, Shabih F, Sangwan RS Plant Growth Regulation, 2001 ABSTRACT: This review provides a summary of the physiological dynamics and regulation of essential oil production, from the literature and available information on diverse volatile oil crops. Essential oil production is highly integrated with the physiology of the whole plant and so depends… Read more »