Factors affecting secondary metabolite production in plants: volatile components and essential oils

Figueiredo CA, Barroso JG, Pedro LG, Johannes J. C. Scheffer Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 2008 ABSTRACT: The presence, yield and composition of secondary metabolites in plants, viz. the volatile components and those occurring in essential oils, can be affected in a number of ways, from their formation in the plant to their final isolation. Several of the… Read more »

Regulation of monoterpene accumulation in leaves of peppermint

Gershenzon J, McConkey ME, Croteau RB Plant physiology, 2000 ABSTRACT: Plants synthesize numerous classes of natural products that accumulate during development and are thought to function as constitutive defenses against herbivores and pathogens. However, little information is available about how the levels of such defenses are regulated. We measured the accumulation of monoterpenes, a model… Read more »