Computational tool for optimizing the essential oils utilization in inhibiting the bacterial growth

El-Attar NE, Awad WA Advances and Applications in Bioinformatics and Chemistry, 2017 ABSTRACT: Day after day, the importance of relying on nature in many fields such as food, medical, pharmaceutical industries, and others is increasing. Essential oils (EOs) are considered as one of the most significant natural products for use as antimicrobials, antioxidants, antitumorals, and anti-inflammatories. Optimizing… Read more »

A portion of plant airborne communication is endorsed by uptake and metabolism of volatile organic compounds

Matsui K Current opinion in plant biology, 2016 ABSTRACT: Plants have the ability to sense volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so as to efficiently adapt to their environment. The mechanisms underlying such plant ‘olfactory’ systems are largely unknown. Here I would like to propose that the metabolism of VOCs in plant tissues is one of the… Read more »