A comparative antimicrobial study on the essential oil of the leaves of various species of cupressus

Manivannan R, Senthil Kumar M, Jawahar N, Sai Ganesh E, Jubie S
Ancient Science of Life, 2005


The essential oil of leaves of various cupressus species Viz., C.glauca, C.funebris, C.lawsonia, C. macrocarpa & C. sempervirens have been studied for their antimicrobial activity against certain gram positive [B. substilis, S.aureus], gram negative [E.coli, P.aeruginesa] and fungi (A.niger, A.flavus, C.albicans & A. fumigatus) using two fold serial dilution technique. Our results revealed that, all the species possess significant antibacterial & antifungal activities.


Minivannan R, Senthil Kumar M, Jawahar N, et al. A Comprehensive Antimicrobial Study on the Essential Oil of the LEaves of Various Species of Cupressus. Anc Sci Life. 2005;24(3):131-133.

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