Juniper Berry Essential Oil

  • Botanical Name: Juniperus communis
  • Alternative Names: Common Juniper
  • Botanical Family: Cupressaceae
  • Primary Constituent: Alpha-pinene
  • Other Main Constituents: Sabinene, Myrcene
  • Distillation Method: Steam Distillation
  • Plant Part: Berry

Antimicrobial Essential Oil Combinations to Combat Foot Odour

Orchard A, Viljoen A, van Vuuren SF Planta Medica, 2018 ABSTRACT: Foot odour (bromodosis) is an embarrassing and perplexing condition mostly caused by bacteria of the Brevibacterium species. Essential oils are a credible option as an affordable treatment of odour and contribute towards antimicrobial efficacy. Therefore, this study sets out to investigate the antimicrobial activity… Read more »

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils (PDQ®): Health Professional Version

PDQ Integrative, Alternative, and Complementary Therapies Editorial Board PDQ Cancer Information Summaries, 2017 EXCERPT: This PDQ cancer information summary for health professionals provides comprehensive, peer-reviewed, evidence-based information about the use of aromatherapy and essential oils in the treatment of people with cancer. It is intended as a resource to inform and assist clinicians who care for cancer… Read more »

Anti-inflammatory activity of Juniper (Juniperus communis) berry essential oil in human dermal fibroblasts

Han X, Parker TL Cogent Medicine, 2017 ABSTRACT: Although juniper (Juniperus communis) berry essential oil (JEO) has been used in skin care products, research on its biological activity in human skin cells is scarce. In the current study, we explored the biological activity of JEO (with alpha-pinene as the major active component) in pre-inflamed human dermal… Read more »