Quality preservation of organic cottage cheese using oregano essential oils

Asensio CM, Grosso NR, Juliani HR
LWT – Food Science and Technology, 2015


Organic cottage cheese was flavoured with four different Argentinean oregano essential oils (EOs) (Compacto, Cordobes, Criollo, and Mendocino) and thymol. Chemical indicators of lipid oxidation, oxidation, and changes in the fatty acid and organic acid profiles were determined during 30 days under thermal storage. The samples flavoured with Cordobes EO and thymol presented lower conjugated dienes (15.94 and 15.53, respectively), whereas the control sample the maximum value (17.54). Values of unsaturated fatty acids decreased significantly (p < 0.05) in cottage cheese samples because of oxidation deterioration. Samples flavoured with Compacto, Cordobes, and Criollo EOs showed lower saturated/unsaturated fatty acid ratios than the control (1.67, 1.62, and 1.68, respectively). Samples flavoured with Cordobes and Compacto EOs significantly reduced the production of organic acids during storage. The addition of oregano essential oil in organic cottage cheese decrease the deterioration process of quality parameter during storage prolonging its shelf-life.


Asensio CM, Grosso NR, Juliani HR. Quality preservation of organic cottage cheese using oregano essential oils. LWT – Food Science and Technology. 2015 Mar;60(2):664-671.

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