Regulation of essential oil production in plants

Sangwan NS, Farooqi AHA, Shabih F, Sangwan RS
Plant Growth Regulation, 2001


This review provides a summary of the physiological dynamics and regulation of essential oil production, from the literature and available information on diverse volatile oil crops. Essential oil production is highly integrated with the physiology of the whole plant and so depends on the metabolic state and preset developmental differentiation programme of the synthesising tissue. Essential oil productivity is ecophysiologically andenvironmentally friendly. These and other aspects of the modulation ofessential oil production are presented, along with a brief outline of the current concept of the relevant biosynthetic mechanisms.


Sangwan NS, Farooqi AHA, Shabih F, et al. Regulation of essential oil production in plants. Plant Growth Regul. 2001;34(1):3-21.

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