Neuron differentiation-related genes are up-regulated in the hypothalamus of odorant-inhaling rats subjected to acute restraint stress.

Nakamura A, Fujiwara S, Ishijima T, Okada S, Nakai Y, Matsumoto I, Misaka T, Abe K Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2010 ABSTRACT: To elucidate some physiopsychological effects of a pleasant odor, we analyzed gene expression profiles in the hypothalamus of rats which, under a restraint-stressed condition, inhaled (R)-(-)-linalool. Consequently, 697 probe sets showed… Read more »

Stress repression in restrained rats by (R)-(-)-linalool inhalation and gene expression profiling of their whole blood cells

Nakamura A, Fujiwara S, Matsumoto I, Abe K Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2009 ABSTRACT: As an attempt to quantitatively analyze the physiopsychological effects elicited by odorants, white blood cells and gene expression were profiled in the whole blood of the rats exposed to (R)-(-)-linalool during restraint stress for 2 h. In neutrophils and… Read more »

Combined non-adaptive light and smell stimuli lowered blood pressure, reduced heart rate and reduced negative affect

Dong S, Jacob TJ Physiology & behavior, 2016 ABSTRACT: Bright light therapy has been shown to have a positive impact on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression and anxiety. Smell has also has been shown to have effects on mood, stress, anxiety and depression. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of the… Read more »