Plants traditionally used as mosquito repellents and the implication for their use in vector control

Tisgratog R, Sanguanpong U, Grieco JP, Ngoen-Kluan R, Chareonviriyaphap T Acta tropica, 2016 ABSTRACT: Numerous plants with insect repelling properties are native to the tropics where they are produced for a wide range of medicinal purposes. In Thailand, these native plant species have a history of use for personal protection against biting insects. From our… Read more »

Cedar Oil Results from Rutgers University

The cedar oil product is advertised as a safe, effective insecticide for controlling a variety of public health pests including bed bugs. Rutgers University have partnered to put a variety of bed bug products to the test. This cedar oil is the first in the series. “Eradik8” Cedar oil was chosen due to the claims… Read more »