Antibacterial activity and antibiotic modulating potential of the essential oil obtained from Eugenia jambolana in association with led lights

Pereira NLF, Aquino PEA, Júnior JGAS, Cristo JS, Vieira Filho MA, Moura FF, Ferreira NMN, Silva MKN, Nascimento EM, Correia FMA, Cunha FAB, Boligon AA, Coutinho HDM, Ribeiro-Filho J, Matias EFF, Guedes MIF Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2017 ABSTRACT: Bacterial resistance has risen as an important health problem with impact on the pharmaceutical industry because… Read more »

In vitro evaluation of the antibacterial potential and modification of antibiotic activity of the Eugenia uniflora L. essential oil in association with led lights

Pereira NLF, Aquino PEA, Júnior JGAS, Cristo JS, Vieira Filho MA, Moura FF, Ferreira NMN, Silva MKN, Nascimento EM, Correia FMA, Cunha FAB, Boligon AA, Coutinho HDM, Matias EFF, Guedes MIF Microbial Pathogenesis, 2017 ABSTRACT: Due to the great biodiversity of its flora, Brazil provides combat tools against bacterial resistance with the utilization of natural products with vegetable origin. Therefore, the present study had as its objective to evaluate… Read more »