Chitin-Induced Airway Epithelial Cell Innate Immune Responses Are Inhibited by Carvacrol/Thymol

Khosravi AR, Erle DJ PloS one, 2016 ABSTRACT: Chitin is produced in large amounts by fungi, insects, and other organisms and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of asthma. Airway epithelial cells are in direct contact with environmental particles and serve as the first line of defense against inhaled allergens and pathogens. The potential contributions… Read more »

Effect of maternally supplied n-3 and n-6 oils on the fatty acid composition and mononuclear immune cell distribution of lymphatic tissue from the gastrointestinal tract of suckling piglets

Binter C, Khol-Parisini A, Gerner W, Schäfer K, Hulan HW, Saalmüller A, Zentek J Archives of Animal Nutrition, 2011 ABSTRACT: Fatty acids are essential for immune cell function. Maternal dietary fatty acid supply influences body fat composition of their offspring. As a first step to study immunonutritional interactions at an early age of pigs, four… Read more »

Aromatherapy for pain management in labour

Smith CA, Collins CT, Crowther CA Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2011 ABSTRACT: Aromatherapy draws on the healing power of plants with the use of essential oils to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. The oils may be massaged into the skin, in a bath or inhaled using a steam infusion or burner. The pain of labour can be intense,… Read more »

Embryo and fetal toxicity of Mentha x villosa essential oil in Wistar rats

da Silva Bezerra Guerra KS, Silva RL, Souza Maia MB, Schwarz A Pharmaceutical biology, 2012 ABSTRACT: CONTEXT: Mentha x villosa Hudson (Lamiaceae) is an aromatic herb employed as a food spice. In folk medicine, it leaves are used as a tranquilizer and anti-hypertensive, even by pregnant women. OBJECTIVE: There are no reports about its effects… Read more »

Brain histological changes in young mice submitted to diets with different ratios of n-6/n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids during maternal pregnancy and lactation

Tian C, Fan C, Liu X, Xu F, Qi K Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2011 ABSTRACT: N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFAs) are essential for brain development and function, but the appropriate quantity of dietary n-3 PUFAs and ratio of n-6/n-3 PUFAs have not been clearly determined. In this study, we investigated the effects of… Read more »

Effects of Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oils supplementation on digestion, colostrum production of dairy ewes and lamb mortality and growth

Smeti S, Joy M, Hajji H, Alabart JL, Muñoz F, Mahouachi M, Atti N Animal science journal = Nihon chikusan Gakkaiho, 2015 ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of rosemary essential oils (REO) and the forage nature on ewes’ performances, immune response and lambs’ growth and mortality. Forty-eight dairy ewes… Read more »

A portion of plant airborne communication is endorsed by uptake and metabolism of volatile organic compounds

Matsui K Current opinion in plant biology, 2016 ABSTRACT: Plants have the ability to sense volatile organic compounds (VOCs) so as to efficiently adapt to their environment. The mechanisms underlying such plant ‘olfactory’ systems are largely unknown. Here I would like to propose that the metabolism of VOCs in plant tissues is one of the… Read more »

Essential oils components as a new path to understand ion channel molecular pharmacology

de Araújo DA, Freitas C, Cruz JS Life sciences, 2011 ABSTRACT: The discovery and development of new drugs targeting voltage-gated ion channels are important for treating a variety of medical conditions and diseases. Ion channels are molecular nanostructures expressed ubiquitously throughout the whole body, and are involved in many basic physiological processes. Over the years,… Read more »

Structural relationships and vasorelaxant activity of monoterpenes

Lima TC, Mota MM, Barbosa-Filho JM, Viana Dos Santos MR, De Sousa DP Daru, 2012 ABSTRACT: Background and purpose of the study The hypotensive activity of the essential oil of Mentha x villosa and its main constituent, the monoterpene rotundifolone, have been reported. Therefore, our objective was to evaluate the vasorelaxant effect of monoterpenes found… Read more »

Development of a Health System-Based Nurse-Delivered Aromatherapy Program

Joswiak D, Kinney ME, Johnson JR, Kolste AK, Griffin KH, Rivard RL, Dusek JA The Journal of nursing administration, 2016 ABSTRACT: Healthcare systems are increasingly looking to integrate aromatherapy (essential oils) as a safe, low-cost, and nonpharmacologic option for patient care to reduce pain, nausea, and anxiety and to improve sleep. This article describes the… Read more »