Antitumor phenylpropanoids found in essential oils

Carvalho AA, Andrade LN, de Sousa ÉB, de Sousa DP
Biomed Research International, 2015


The search for new bioactive substances with anticancer activity and the understanding of their mechanisms of action are high-priorities in the research effort toward more effective treatments for cancer. The phenylpropanoids are natural products found in many aromatic and medicinal plants, food, and essential oils. They exhibit various pharmacological activities and have applications in the pharmaceutical industry. In this review, the anticancer potential of 17 phenylpropanoids and derivatives from essential oils is discussed. Chemical structures, experimental report, and mechanisms of action of bioactive substances are presented.


Carvalho AA, Andrade LN, de Sousa ÉB, et al. Antitumor phenylpropanoids found in essential oils. Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:392674

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